Homelessness is defined as someone on the streets, couch surfing, or living in an emergency shelter, without permanent housing.

We aim to provide more than just medical care. We provide integrated medical care that treats the whole person: mind, spirit and soul.


We provide integrated and comprehensive healthcare to families, men, women and children experiencing homelessness.

We treat the whole person – mind, body and soul.

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We have partnerships with hospitals to connect those who are experiencing homeless to primary care, and for those who need respite services.

We have embedded health navigators in several emergency departments across Maricopa County to connect patients with primary care, respite care for those with acute need, appointment follow up, and services in the region.

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We partner with hospitals, shelters, hospice organizations, specialty care facilities, nursing homes to help fill the gap of care for those experiencing homelessness.

This improves the experience for homeless individuals and delivers significant savings for hospitals and community members.

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