At Circle the City, we are grateful for the volunteers who provide critical support to the patients and medical staff of our health care centers.

Volunteers are especially needed in these areas:

  • Nurses to assist with med distribution, charting, wound care, and other support tasks to help during the morning and evening rush
  • Patient activities:
    • Visit with the patients and help where needed (i.e. personal care, hygiene exercises, showering, etc.)
    • Help Respite Assistants with sanitizing, making beds, laundry, serving meals, set up and clean up, etc.)
    • Sports/health (exercise classes, nutrition seminars, etc.)
    • Field Trip chaperones (once a month).
    • Social/entertainment (karaoke evenings, movie nights, theme dinners, casino nights, weekend barbecues, etc.). We always are in great need of weekend activities.
    • Recreation (video games, bocce ball, ping pong, knitting, horseshoes, and other craft lessons)
    • Education and self-improvement (seminars for budgeting, life skills, job skills, resume writing, etc.)
    • Holidays and birthdays (decorate the dining halls and living room, and facilitate the monthly birthday party that provides patients who have birthdays while staying at the facility with a birthday bag of small items, a cake, and balloons)
  • AA and NA meeting facilitators
  • Handymen and handywomen for facility repairs and construction-minded folks to build a community garden
  • Food service handlers
  • Floaters (volunteers who will help wherever with whatever is needed that day).
  • Administrative assistance for the Development Director, & Volunteer & Activities Director.
  • Event coordinators and facilitators (i.e. tournaments, games, BBQs, etc.)
  • Tutors
  • Translators of all languages, particularly Spanish
  • Professional services (accounting, tax preparation, etc.)
  • Advocacy (assist with SSI, ID card, and disability applications)
  • Musicians to perform for the patients
  • Individuals and groups to sponsor clothing, shoe, and hygiene item drives
  • Pet therapists
  • Art therapists
  • Music therapists 

For more information, please contact:

Michael Santeusanio, Training & Volunteer Manager




Circle the City depends on community volunteers and donors to support the medical care needed by our Patients.