Alcohol took away everything that Randy R. loved: his family, friends, home, and job, as well as his health. In 2014, while intoxicated at work, his foot was severed. He underwent major surgery to reattach the foot but after his hospital stay and time at a rehabilitation facility, he had no home in which to recuperate. Through a referral from an addiction recovery organization, Randy was admitted to Circle the City.

“I’d never heard of Circle the City before. But as I was being transported to Circle the City, all I kept thinking was, ‘Thank God, I have shelter.'”

At Circle the City, Randy has found more than just a shelter. He’s discovered a safe and clean environment in which to heal himself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. “I’ve received clinical care, case management services, a physical therapy program that I’m following, and spiritual guidance,” Randy said. “I’m working to be a healthy, functioning member of society.”

Sober for the first time in 15 years, Randy has new goals for his life including reconnecting with his two daughters and bettering his relationship with their mother. He is working to stop smoking; improve his diet (he’s already lost 10 pounds); exercise more, including riding a stationary bike in physical therapy; and stop cussing.

“Everything is new for me now,” he said. “I look at the do’s and not the don’ts like I did in the past.”

This shift in perspective has given Randy a new set of eyes to see his life and what he would like to do once he’s discharged from Circle the City.

“I find that I usually end up helping other patients with anything they need- with cell phones or computers, or just providing advice in general,” he said. “I’ve always had that gift. I’m thinking about getting involved in ministry.”