Kimberly Hall our Director of Development at Circle the City was recently featured in an edition of AEI Leadeship Membership Monday.

AEI Leadership Network is an exclusive policy education & professional development program focusing on issues such as poverty alleviation, education policy, free enterprise economics, and effective messaging. These principles are carried back to communities through virtual and regional programming.

Kimberly is an active part of leadership and volunteer work in the valley.  During her free time Kimberly volunteers with local organizations such as: Valley Leadership and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

She has been involved in serving the homeless population in Phoenix since she was 13 years old.  We are grateful and lucky to have her on our team helping end homelessness everyday.

Her compassion paired with business skill and wealth of leadership knowledge helps her build relationships that nurture a healthier community.

See Kimberly’s article below.

Kimberly Hall #MemberMonday