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Circle the City friend and supporter Rob Thorton with Cloud Covered Streets drives through the streets of Phoenix providing clothing, shoes, toiletries, and other items to individuals experiencing homelessness.

Cloud Covered Streets has donated to Circle the City patients in the past and during their last donation haul provided much needed items for this summer.


Cloud Covered Streets – Changing the bias on homelessness in AZ

Robert and the CCS team are out daily on the streets making a difference with those that our homeless. The people he encounters all have unique stories that are impacted in a positive way from community supporters like Circle the City and Cloud Covered Streets.

Visit Cloud Covered Streets website to read bout CCS’s stories from the Streets .

Here you can see how people experiencing homelessness ALL have different stories.

A strong sense of community and devotion to serving the dear neighbor can get us very far!





Parsons Family Health Center – Clinic for men, women and children experiencing homelessness.  Walk in appointments welcome.

The Cloud Covered Streets team approaches people experiencing homelessness all around the valley with supplies, encouragement and clothing.  The Parsons Family Health Center serves on appointment and walk in basis.  These donations help our team members better equip people on their journey to health and out of homelessness.  The encouragement and hope in people when they get to wear new shoes and clothes and wholeheartedly feel the support of their community is why we are dedicated to this mission.  We are grateful for the work that Cloud Covered Streets does; community advocates for those that are most vulnerable.


Helping the Homeless in Phoenix, AZ


Patsy Rodriguez – CTC Practice Manager, Robert Thorton – Cloud Covered Streets Founder & Kimberly Hall – CTC Director of Development

These reusable water bottles with a built in purifier are imperative.  Extreme weather and temperatures in Phoenix make easy access to water essential.  Not only is this improving the quality of life of individuals but also helping bypass littering and non sustainable practices that most homeless individuals are commonly singled out for.


Circle the City and Cloud Covered Streets