Our patients now have a HUGE selection of summer clothing thanks to Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV), The donation is extra special since it represents the largest single clothing drive in the history of our. The generous members of CCV donated brand new shorts, t-shirts, socks and shoes valued at nearly $11,000.  Thanks to ABC 15, FOX 10, Telemundo Arizona and Univision for covering CCV’s spectacular efforts to support the most vulnerable. See the segments below:

ABC 15https://youtu.be/83s_cQGsiAY

FOX 10https://www.fox10phoenix.com/video/738236?fbclid=IwAR2G3dWI0UMKIoKZTAMSrLvU80trfUaWW9hE4Dlpl7AOZgiIjqiQcp7_5Y8

Univision (spanish segment)https://www.univision.com/local/arizona-ktvw/organizacion-entrega-ropa-para-la-ola-de-calor-a-personas-desamparadas-video


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