Employee Spotlight Series – Circle the City Medical Respite Centers #ChefSpotlight

This post is part of a five part series highlighting Circle the City Chefs and their efforts.  Thank you for reading the series and stay tuned for more for behind the scenes action as we work towards healing homelessness together. 

Tell us about your background/ What brought you to CTC?

My background consists of cooking and volunteering work with the homeless population. What brought me to Circle the City was Sr. Adele’s mission of providing healthcare solutions to our dearest neighbors. 


What has been the best experience you had engaging with a patient?

When the patients give me feedback on the dishes that I make. I enjoy learning their stories and how Circle the City has helped them recover from homelessness. 


What personal values align with Circle the City’s mission?

Compassion and caring for the less fortunate.



What is your favorite dish to prepare for patients? Or which of your dishes do patients enjoy the most?

Usually comfort foods are a patient favorite and of my favorites to prepare for them, meatloaf is one of the most common patient favorites.


What is your favorite thing about working at Circle the City? 

Providing care to patients through nourishing meals.  Patient interaction & staff. 


What challenges have you overcome at Circle the City?

Creativity, thinking of what to make for patients with limited ingredients. 


What motivates you to go above & beyond at work? 

Patients & Staff – always


What is one of the most surprising lessons you have learned at Circle the City? 

Being patient, compassionate, and creative.



Chef Doug - Downtown Medical Respite Center Healthcare for the homeless

Want to see more?  Leave us a comment & as always you are welcome to volunteer and join us for a tour.